Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Hermits Guide to Tax and Benefits.

A right wing utopia?
It can be such a pain to understand right wingers sometimes. You need to keep an eye on all the little tricks and mind games they play to frame issues for themselves.

They ask 'Benefits! Why should my money have to pay for them?'

I've actually heard right wingers argue that all tax is unethical and a form of theft. It comes down to a belief in a right wing capitalist utopia. Where, if public services became privatised and tax removed it would result in greater efficiency and increased wealth for all (due to a trickle down effect) which would enable everybody to pay for services themselves. This of course is an unworkable, fantasy of theirs, but more than that its an example of them following their framed logic though to its ultimate conclusion.

Lets clarify types of truths. A cultural truth is any truth that is not a physical truth. For example David Cameron is prime minister. Not because of and biological or physical element to him but because we live in a society and system in which he was able to achieve the conceptual status of PM. Likewise all notions of money, value and property are cultural truths. This is what makes up society and makes us all a part of it no matter how independent you may think you are.

Arguments put by some on the right seems to come from a denial of this reality. It goes against their notions of independance, to be tied down to society. A weakness they refuse to except. Maybe this shines some light on the right wing psyche. In reality its society that builds the infrastructures and recognises peoples property, statuses and rights. The wealthiest are the greatest beneficiary's.

You can't be a part of this society and truly independent. To be
 independent means possessing only what you can hold in your hands. The true reality of this right wing dream would be the life of a hermit. With this understanding, claims by the likes of Thatcher that "There's no such thing as society" show themselves as ridiculous. Distorted ways to frame their relationship with the world. They think they owe nothing and all their achievements are through their own means alone. In reality we all owe society almost everything. The more wealth we acquire, the more we owe. They, like the rest of us, need to pay their dues.

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